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Siu Kai Fong for Via North Point -

Open call for Creative Community Space Proposals

Public space design  I  2021

With the mission of empowering the community to envision a better future use of public space, Hong Kong Arts Centre has invited submissions for Open Call for Creative Community Space Proposals to embrace the betterment of the public realm as part of the Via North Point project funded by Urban Renewal Fund. Siu Kai Fong is one of the six selected proposals that was realized and exhibited at the North Point Public Pier for two months. 

project name: Siu Kai Fong
designer: O&O studio and REHyphenation

design team: eric chan and suzanne li of O&O, joyce fok of REHyphenation

supported by: the urban renewal fund

location: in the vicinity of north point ferry pier in hong kong

exhibited: 30 august – 31st october, 2021

SKF_by Eric (1).jpg

My Light My Hood

Kong Art Space  I  Dec 2018  - Jan 2019

A group art exhibition inspired by Hong Kong's neon light streetscapes. After the exhibition this furniture unit is relocated to a Cafe for bookcrossing in the community. 

a stop_2.jpg
80 cafe c.jpg


Parc  I  Feb 2017

Preserve stands for our attitude for living as well as our rationale for designing and making objects. Through the use of diverse design approaches and languages, several craft makers presented by INSINUO express their vision on “Preserve” and demonstrate the possibilities of Craft.


Fotanian: Fotan Artists Open Studios

Fotan  I  Jan 2010

Inspired from the adaption of instant materials and the pop-up stores in Graham Street, the green furniture set creates a hierarchy of now and then.

fotanian2010 (1).jpg

Fotanian: Fotan Artists Open Studios

Fotan  I  Jan 2009


fotanian09 (10).JPG
fotanian09 (3).JPG

No Sex in the City 

Blue Lotus Gallery  I  Feb 2009 - Mar 2009


blue lotus (2).JPG
blue lotus (7).JPG

Salone Satellite

Milan Furniture Fair  I  April 2006 

SaloneSatellite2006 (2).JPG
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