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Time in Ashes

Product  I  2013

Ashes are a relic of the dead. Placing them at home in a portable structure allows the living to keep their deceased loved ones always close to their hearts. An hourglass bears witness to the passage of time. When inverted, its contents trickle downwards until the upper half is empty, suggesting that time, and likewise life, will come to an end. In combining ashes and an hourglass in a funerary memorial, we hope to help the living commemorate their departed loved ones, while also reminding them of mortality. Time in Ashes are available in three versions with different wood and marble combinations. They can go harmoniously with any modern home environment. In a handy size, people can hold and interact with it comfortably. The marble stand suggests importance of the object and engravings in different styles can be made as required by the owner making it a unique memorial item for the family. As the ashes flow from one end to the other, the livings are invited to recall the life of the deceased and keep them alive in their memories. As the ashes settle at the bottom, we hope that the living can be inspired to ponder the transience of life as well as the importance of treasuring the time they have with those who are still alive.

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CD rack  I  2021

A 3D printed CD rack. 

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