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Furniture design

Recrate · Float

Furniture  I  2020

3D printer is becoming more economical and popular, designers have already been exploring the potentials of 3D printed objects. This design project is initiated based on the vision of there being a 3D printer in many households. In this project I have designed a set of four 3D printed components which has the same features and are ready to be used for joining two used wine crates together. The two crates are then combined and redesigned into a side table. One crate is “floated” on top of the other creating a storage space in between. Add-on 3D printed part(s) can be added to the components for enhancing functions. This project does not only propose a product but also a new design approach of upcycling used objects through the use of 3D printing.

RE-crate Float.jpg
RE-crate Float.jpg

Recrate · Stack

Furniture  I  2020

Re-crate Stack.JPG

A Stop for Your Book

Furniture  I  2019

A joint project by Insinuo x REhyphenation

This unit is originally designed for the exhibition “My Light My Hood”. A Stop for a Book is a piece of furniture recalling the environment of the neighbourhood in Hong Kong.  It was used as a “stop” for bookcrossing during the exhibition period where people could leave books and take away books. At the same time, they could take a seat and read just as if they were sitting on the concrete steps on the street. Placed at home or a cafe, it provides a comfortable corner for book storage and sitting. 

a stop for bk.JPG


Furniture  I  2016

The wood slab is one of the pieces claimed from the fallen tree being cleared in Sheung Shui. They were abandoned, waiting to be transferred away. Instead of using it as just a part of furniture design, I created a component that adapts itself to the form of the slab. No “wound” was made onto the slab and it’s preserved in the same way as it was when being abandoned.  To strike a balance between living and nature's protection, sometimes we have to adjust ourselves in order to adapt to our environment.

Adapt (2).JPG
Adapt (1).JPG


Furniture  I  2015

The main structure of the lamp has a boat-like form. Two cups filled with water are installed on each end. Under the nature of gravity, Horizon is always striving for a balance, and stands up in an upright and stable manner when the weight on both ends balances. It will then light up. Balance becomes the switch for this lamp. Plants can be kept in the cups placed on both ends. This lamp takes a minimal form that presents itself in a direct way, thus audience can easily find out how it works. Balance suggests harmony, and Horizon creates a peaceful visual effect. It also reminds us the importance of balance in our daily lives in whichever area.

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Furniture  I  2009

Shortlisted in "the intelligent hand" organized by Designboom, in collaboration with MACEF. There are always used wine bottles and corks lying around in my home. Also, a few crates were transferred to my home from the wine shop. I planned to redesign these “useful waste” to a storage unit. This design is a unit standing in a corner at home for the enjoyment of books and wine. Most materials of the unit are taken from waste such as the wine crates, wine corks, wine bottle, etc. 

Recrate (2).jpg


Furniture  I  2006

Head is an outdoor furniture for children. Concrete resists weathering and thus suitable for outdoor parks and playgrounds. Negative space of a person's sitting gesture is casted with concrete. It serves as a sculpture and at the same time a piece of furniture

Head (1).jpg
Head (2).jpg

Stack Up

Furniture  I  2006

Stack Up (2).JPG
Stack Up (1).jpg
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